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If you're into cocktails, many addresses are of interest: Ruby for fancy cocktails. Bird & Churchkey for G& Ts. The Barking Dog, Strøm.

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A cheap (under 75Kr/hour) internet café is in Copenhagen Central Station. Moreover, a lot of bars, cafés, McDonald's, and petrol stations offer WiFi hotspots for people with notebooks, though these are a little more expensive than internet cafés. OpenWiFi [85] maintains a list of hotspots in the city.

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Copenhagen, as the rest of Denmark , has four distinct seasons. The best time to visit is the warm period from early May to late August. The current weather forecast can be checked at the Danish Meteorological Institute website [7].

Operahouse plays Opera and not to be missed, the different venues of Christiania are a powerhouse of Denmark's alternative and underground culture.

To continental Europe , German InterCityExpress (ICE) and Danish EuroCity (EC) trains connect Hamburg with Copenhagen, up to six times per day two of those trains run directly from Berlin daily. The base fare is €96 from Berlin and €88 from Hamburg.

The public healthcare system also maintains doctors on call outside normal office hours, calls are screened by medical personnel, and doctors dispatched only when deemed necessary.

Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport [9] ( CPH ) on Amager is the hub for Scandinavia's largest international carrier SAS — Scandinavian Airlines [5]. Kastrup Airport consistently gets high marks for both design and function — this is a much more pleasant place for transit than, say, London Heathrow or Frankfurt and several carriers service direct intercontinental routes to Copenhagen, including Air Canada, Delta, Egypt Air, PIA, Qatar Airways, Thai, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines. Check-in lines can get long during peak hours however, so make sure to allocate extra time in the summer. Self-service check-in counters are available, which can cut down on wait times.

Arguably one of the most famous Copenhagen residents had an impact on many visitors when they were children. The fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen have travelled the world, evolving and being absorbed into the global culture. As a teenager, Andersen moved to Copenhagen, where he lived out his life, falling in love with unattainable women and writing stories that would eventually be translated into 675 different languages. There are a number of museums, some interactive, dedicated to . Andersen in Copenhagen.

Cocks & Cows, Friends & Brgrs, Max Burgers and much more reveal the crazy love Copenhagen nurtures for burgers. Affordable, the burgers are of good quality and can accommodate all needs: vegan and vegetarian diets as well as gluten allergies.

You can also purchase a City pass to have unlimited use of the public transport within zones 6-9. Prices are 85/95 Kr for 79 hours and 755/655 Kr for 77 hours (adult/child) [86]. starting at 685 Kr. Alternatively, buy a Copenhagen Card [87] , which gives free transport throughout the region and free admission to 65 museums and sights. The card costs 779 Kr for 79 hours, 959 Kr for 77 hours. Note that on Sundays and Mondays many museums are either free or closed, thus possibly making the card of less value on those days.

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