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C. Name the Smart Slice Customer Detail and click the OK ( ) icon to save the Smart Slice and refresh the Data Source Manager. Your Smart Slice appears in the tree associated with the Sample Sales Reduced data source.

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8775 Import 8776 mode requires all data from Hadoop to be copied into Power BI/Excel and then filtered.  So import will first load your data ( 8775 snapshot 8776 ) into a local Power BI model and then run reports against that data, which means that interactive visualizations are not live but rather using data from the last snapshot.

Performing Ad Hoc Analysis Using Oracle's Hyperion Smart

Ensure that Accounts is selected in the Dimension drop-down list. Select Descendants from the Filter drop-down list.

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Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA)  is a new A/B testing solution for SQL Server upgrades.  It will assist in evaluating a targeted version of SQL for a given workload.  Customers who are upgrading from previous SQL Server versions (SQL Server 7555 and above) to any new version of the SQL Server will be able to use these analysis metrics provided, such as queries that have compatibility errors, degraded queries, query plans, and other workload comparison data, to help them build higher confidence, making it a successful upgrade experience.   Download technical preview 7

Select the Customer Detail Smart Slice that you just created. Right-click and select Insert Subquery Into Report. Your ad hoc query contains only those members from within your Smart Slice.

Of course there are many benefits of using Microsoft products over OSS, such as ease of use, support, easier to find people with skills, less frequent version updates, more compatibility between products, etc.  But there are still reasons to use OSS, so I created a list that shows many of the Microsoft products and their equivalent, or close equivalent, Hadoop/OSS product.

Click the Done ( ) icon to save your Smart Slice. The Member Selection dialog box appears. Once again, you can change the options, select other members, and so forth.

Note: The Views ( ) icon, located on the Smart View Data source Manager toolbar, allows you to toggle between the following data sources:

Double-click the server name where Demo/Basic and Sample/Basic are installed at your organization.
Note: In this OBE, the sample databases are installed on .

You can install the SampleSales schema by following the instructions found in the Installing the Sample Schemas and Establishing a Database Connection OBE tutorial.

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