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Another must-try is Papirøen, located right across the bridge from Nyhavn. Papirøen gathers may street food stands in a hangar, where you can eat all kind of food you would wish: Danish, Italian, Indian, Chinese, French, Columbian. and much more.

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The first four blocks of Istedgade has a great amount of street prostitution, drug sales and homeless people. If you are on alert and vigilant, you should be fine at any hour.

As the city bikes can be a bit expensive, renting a bike is a good alternative and many hotels or bike shops rent out bikes. Companies that rent out bikes include Rent a Bike in Copenhagen , Baisikeli or Rent a Bike Copenhagen among many other bike repair shops. Another option to rent a bike is to use Donkey Republic , where you can book online a rental bike close to your location (usually located close to hotels and metro stations) and unlock the bike using bluetooth. To use these bikes, you will need wifi only to log in on their app or website to book the bike and at the end of the rental to end the rental.

Cocks & Cows, Friends & Brgrs, Max Burgers and much more reveal the crazy love Copenhagen nurtures for burgers. Affordable, the burgers are of good quality and can accommodate all needs: vegan and vegetarian diets as well as gluten allergies.

You can also try Vesterbrogade and Istedgade on Vesterbro , due west of the central station, although you'll need to go a few blocks before hotels/sex shops/Thai restaurants turn into more interesting territory. Right at the border of this area, Værnedamsvej and Tullinsgade are also good bets.

An option you may want to consider is a Freedom ticket which for 775 Kr gives unlimited transportation for two days on both all the DFDS Canal Tour boats, as well as the double-decker sightseeing buses of Copenhagen City Sightseeing.

Visitors who want to indulge Su-W will probably have to hunt around to find a place with some action but there are some options:

If you are looking for something unique, Copenhagen has a few surprisingly little known options. Fancy sleeping in an old fort? Then look no further than Flakfortet on its very own island out in the sound. Stylish rooms, classic and rather tastefully integrated into the environs of the old fort. Staying here does though exclude spending your evenings in the city, as the last ferry leaves in the late afternoon. You can also opt for the Dragør Fort on Amager although they haven't pulled it off quite so nicely. In the same area, consider the old and historic beach front Dragør Badehotel in a classic building with great views over Øresund and a nearby beach, but also a fair deal of transportation time to the sights in the city centre. (Although it is close to the airport.)

Consider Sturup Airport ( MMX ) in Malmö , Sweden as well — it's only 95 minutes by bus from central Malmö, and from there 85 minutes by train to Copenhagen Central Station. Wizzair [65] from Budapest , Gdansk , Katowice , and Warszawa and a few domestic airlines often offer cheap flights to other Swedish cities. There is one daily direct bus by Gråhundbus ( http:///7- ) which coincides with Ryanair schedules. For other airlines (different arrival and departure times) your other options are: https://- and http:///en. Consider the price of transfer as most low cost destinations served at Sturup are also available at Kastrup Airport.

After being subjected to yet another invasion during the Second World War, the whole idea of a fortified city was thrown out the window and replaced with one of the finest examples of urban planning anywhere — the Finger Plan. Copenhagen is one of few cities in the world to devise a long term plan for growth and then actually stick to it try placing your hand over a map of Copenhagen with the palm as the city centre, and it's quite obvious why it's called the finger plan. Despite being the laughing stock of the country through the seventies and eighties when wealthy residents all moved out into the fingers, leaving behind an impoverished bankrupt city, a visit these days will prove that the phoenix has risen once more.