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Cocks & Cows, Friends & Brgrs, Max Burgers and much more reveal the crazy love Copenhagen nurtures for burgers. Affordable, the burgers are of good quality and can accommodate all needs: vegan and vegetarian diets as well as gluten allergies.

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Frederiksberg Loppemarked on the square behind the Frederiksberg Rådhus town hall. Biggest in town, on Saturdays in the summer season, with a wide selection of varying quality.

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From Europe there are several bus companies which offer numerous daily connections from Germany often at very competitive rates, most run via the ferries from Rødby to Puttgarden or Gedser to Rostock. Many of these services, especially if headed to points East such as Berlin, are considerably faster than the best train connections. Most of these buses stop near DGI byen on Ingerslevsgade.

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The Baltic Sea has low salinity and a narrow exit to the North Sea. It is open for cruising between May and mid-September (being half-covered by sea ice in winter). Its history extends from Roman and Viking times to becoming the sea graveyard of WWII. The Baltic is surrounded by four Scandinavia states, three small Baltic states, Germany, Poland and Russia. We include in this region the Atlantic sub-Arctic fjord coastline of Norway, volcanic Iceland, and the Faroe Islands and Greenland both of which are within the Kingdom of Denmark. Cities worth visiting include the Scandinavian capitals of Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. A must-see is historic St Petersburg (Russia) with the Winter Palace and the art treasures of the Hermitage.

The public healthcare system also maintains doctors on call outside normal office hours, calls are screened by medical personnel, and doctors dispatched only when deemed necessary.

Thorvaldsens Museum square and Kongens Nytorv square opposite the D´Angleterre Hotel also tend to have flea markets (at least on Saturdays) during the summer season, with better-quality items.

The major music venues in Copenhagen are Parken stadium on Østerbro for the biggest stars. Copenhagen/Indre_By , Copenhagen Jazzhouse obviously hosts Jazz concerts and The Rock is the spiritual home of the local rock and heavy metal scene. Vega on Vesterbro is a major venue with concerts of almost every genre by national and international acts. Nørrebro has two venues: Rust's stage mainly hosts mainstream rhythmic music and Global , as its name would imply, provides a stage for world music. Southwards on Christianshavn , it is no surprise that the

In Nørrebro , there has been a rapidly growing establishment of small independent craft shops and fashion boutiques the past few years. Especially Jægersborggade at the northern side of the churchyard "Assistens Kirkegården" is worth to pay a visit, if you are looking for the open studio craftsman peek, a shop that swaps dresses, or the latest work from danish illustrator rising stars. If you are looking for second-hand artifacts and antiques Ravnsborggade is well known for its huge number of antique stores that are excellent for bargain hunting. Close by Elmegade has a good mix of fashion boutiques.

-8 House by BIG (Vestamager St Metro) -Bjerget by BIG (Bella Center St Metro) -VM House by BIG (Bella Center St Metro) -Winghouse by Henning Larsen (Orestad St Metro) -Bella Center by 8XN (Bella Center St Metro) -Orestad Gymnasium by 8XN (Orestad St Metro) -Copenhagen Concert hall by Jean Nouvel (DR Byen St Metro)

Links from Scandinavia are fairly frequent and very economical compared to the train. Most buses arrive and depart from DGI Byen, near the southern overpass of the central station. Passengers are generally encouraged to buy tickets online, but tickets can also be be purchased at the Copenhagen Right Now tourist information desk near the central station. In the winter (Dec-Apr) Fjällexpressen [65] whisks skiers between Copenhagen and the Swedish ski resorts. When booking online, it's useful to know that Copenhagen is called Köpenhamn in Swedish.