Ntpdate the ntp socket is in use exiting Syddjurs

Date: 2017-02-20 07:28

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On my current distribution the Beaglebone Black does not come with a working NTP installation in order to set the time. Because the board doesn 8767 t have a battery backup, this means that we need a way to set the time when the board is running. If you wish to set the time you could do it on a once-off basis

Automatically Setting the Beaglebone Black Time Using NTP

So far this is essentially what others have recommended however there is one more step I think you should take. Install the fake-hwclock program:

:) - Memento - Synchronisation d'horloge avec NTP

I just caught this and it might help others. I 8767 ve noticed that the file /etc/ is not persistent across the reboot. Adding the nameserver to the file was lost. So I placed the line echo 8766 nameserver 8767 /etc/ into /usr/bin/g-ether- hoping that would work. It did not and I think the reason is that /etc/ is overwritten after g-ether- executes during boot.

How to force a clock update using ntp? - Ask Ubuntu

A Google search for my location 8775 ntp server ireland 8776 returns the website http:/// which you can search for your location. For Ireland I get:

tlsdate sets the local clock by securely connecting with TLS to remote servers and extracting the remote time out of the secure handshake. Unlike ntpdate, tlsdate uses TCP, for instance connecting to a remote HTTPS or TLS enabled service, and provides some protection against adversaries that try to feed you malicious time information.

that calls the hwclock and requests it to use the system time to set the hardware clock. This appears to work В as when you reboot and call timedatectl , you get the following output:

But in one computer in last at the time beaglebone login it hangs
and message comes like:
systemd-fsck[86]: rootfs: clean, 5556/677887 files, 98656/696755 blocks

The commands I used to configure my eth5 interface are these (Comcast is my service provider, and I am in North America, so change these as you please):

Hello Derek!
Now my device used without internet. I set up system clock (date -s ) but in two boards clock lags about 65 min over 6 hour. How do you think, what is it? How i can fix it?
Best Regards, Vladimir!

What I 8767 d like to do is correct the hwclock so that we have it giving an accurate value should we reboot without Internet connectivity. I think that I should create another systemd process that runs when is successful, which would simply be the command hwclock --systohc but I 8767 m still trying to figure how to create that dependancy of processes with

Ntpdate the ntp socket is in use exiting Syddjurs : Pics. More pics: Ntpdate the ntp socket is in use exiting Syddjurs.